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Get to know the most cultural, historical, and emblematic Madrid in the most technological, ecological, and fun way. Everything on wheels! It is the essential tour to get to know the essentials of Madrid.

The tour will begin at our location located at Calle Escalinata, 10, just 20 meters from Plaza de la Ópera. The first stop will be the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral from the viewpoint on Calle del Factor, from there we can fully appreciate the cathedral, the palace and in the distance the country house that was the hunting site of the kings. After a brief explanation we continue to the Plaza de España where we will visit the Monument to Miguel de Cervantes (most popular Spanish novelist) and the popular buildings of Torre Madrid (tallest in Europe since 1960/1967) and Edificio España. We will make it to the Temple of Debod, an ancient 2nd century Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt here in 1960, due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

From there, we will visit the Plaza de Oriente, the impressive statue of Felipe IV (the first equestrian statue in the world built on two legs with the help of the Italian astronomer, engineer, mathematician and physicist Galileo Galilei).

Later we will visit the Plaza de la Villa, with three medieval buildings from three different centuries: Torre de los Lujanes, Palacio de Cisneros and Casa de la Villa. We will cross C/ del Codo to reach the San Miguel Market and then we will go down the Cuchilleros street until we reach the Casa Botín restaurant, which appears in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest in the world.​ Founded in 1725. And we will return to our departure point.

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