General Conditions


Service includes: A SEGWAY monitor, training and SEGWAY rental for the specified route.

The monitor is responsible for the training and final decision regarding the suitability of the customer to do the tour.

The client will follow the SAFETY RULES specified for the whole length of the tour:

  • A single file formation will be kept, and under no circumstance the client will overtake the instructor
  • An adequate safety distance will be kept between the segway and any obstacle
  • Getting on or off the segway will always be done under the supervision of the monitor and on the back side of the vehicle.

The monitor is the representative of the company for the whole tour.

If his/her instructions are not followed, this can derive in the immediately ending of the tour without refund.

The training will be done before the start of the route. The start of the route means that the customer has understood how the SEGWAY works and the risks associated with its use, exempting the company from any responsibility for any fall or incidents of any kind.

The user certifies that he/she is the parent/guardian of the minors under 18 years listed in this document and with his signature gives express authorization for the minors to participate in the activities organized by the company, committing to ensure that they will carry out the activity in accordance with the safety instructions explained in this document.

The user certifies that, to the best of his knowledge, he/she has no medical condition that may make him or her more likely to be injured, nor any of the people who will do this tour are pregnant. It also confirms that it is not under the adverse influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs.

Avoid distractions, keep both hands on the handlebar and both feet on the segway footplates.

Do not use a phone or camera whilst you are riding the segway.

The use of the helmet is mandatory and the client will not take it off while the use of the segway.

The undersigned has read the above waiver and release, understands that he / she has given us substantial rights by signing, and voluntarily signs and authorizes him / her and his / her companions.